BLACK tinted Stretch Wrap 80 gauge Hand Film

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HTK0801801500AM-48 (Black)
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  • Brand | AmTopp
  • Product Code  |  HTK0801801500AM-48 (Black)
  • Size  | 18" x 1500"     
  • Short Description  | 80 gauge 18" x 1500' HCB Handfilm (Black)
  • Marketing Description  | About Color-Tinted Film Our colored stretch film is a tinted stretch film. Many companies use colored stretch film for storage or transportation to quickly identify product loads. We offer our colored stretch film in the following colors: blue, red, green, yellow, and black. Having multiple colors to wrap multiple product loads enable quick and easy identification when wrapping. Color-tinted film is a great option for a variety of load shipments. We currently manufacture 5 different transparent colored films and they allow the end user to quickly identify pallet loads during shipment or storage. Color-tinted film can benefit companies that need to quickly identify products. Users can color code pallets for instant identifitication. Tinted stretch films make tampered loads quickly evident as well. It can be used to improve load appearance.
  • QTY Skid  | 48
  • Gauge  | 80
  • Width  | 18"
  • Length  | 1500'
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